El Bufó de la Reina

El Bufó de la Reina

The traditional superstition about the hunchbacks or deformed persons gave good luck, it’s exemplified by the fact that the jester of the queen Germana de Foix was it. In European courts the hump was object of hilarity and protection: “The funniest deceased is the hunchback, inside the box dances.” The canon Ester it’s a character of El Cortesano, by Luis Milán, hunchback, comedian, who enjoy’s the jester’s freedoms. El Bufó de la Reina it’s a show where text, renaissance music and contemporany dance is combined with the critical and satiric reflection. 


Tragi-comedy plays (XVI century) from a text by Vicent Josep Escartí.


Toni Aparisi, jester

Carles Magraner, viola da gamba

Robert Cases, renaissance guitar