A Circle in the Water

A Circle in the Water

Music, movement and word with the light’s chiaroscuro.
All of this occupying the space. Loneliness and accompanying.


We’re going to talk about an ancient evil. An important ailment that deserved his study since the ancient times. Since the human being seeks to heal the evils that inhabit him. We’re going to talk about melancholy. It was considered an ailment centuries ago and still to the present day. His symptoms, causes and remedy are the reason that made this creation. Combating melancholy. 

Carles Magraner have found a melodies way that will reflect to enter into our selves. Looking us at the mirror that says who we are and what we’re feeling, our worries or drives out happiness. The one of each one. Our objective is help you to be a little happier. But first, we’re going to help you to watch where you never looking. We’ll use art as means. We won’t sin as pretentious. Only try to stirring you. Maybe we’ll relieve this injury on XXI century. Music, movement and light. All on a artistic alchemy. Then we could make ours the Robert Burton words: You live joyfully, oh my friends, free from worry, perplexity, anguish, mental suffering. You live joyfully, heaven has created you for joy. Again and again I ask you to be happy; if anything disturbs your choirs or distresses your souls, ignore it and be damned, let it pass. And I say to you, be joyful.

Robert Burton (1577-1640) published at the dawn of the chiaroscuro century his work The Anatomy of Melancholy (1621) which got a lot of popularity. In this work appears at first time the melancholy like an fundamental aspect of the mystic experience. Capella de Ministrers proposes a path around the first middle sixteen century music connected with melancholic feeling. An English repertorie with songs, wails and fantasis of Dowload, Hume, Corkine and anonymous pieces. 


Toni Aparisi


Delia Agúndez, soprano
Toni Aparisi, dance and coreography
Carles Magraner, viola da gamba and director
Robert Cases, renaissance lute and theorbo


The music of this project is part of the soundtrack on the film: "El cercle en l'aigua" directed by Vicent Monsonís, based on the theatre play: "La Estancia" by Chema Cardeña.