El príncep desmemoriat

El príncep desmemoriat is one of the 36 stories contained in the 8 volumes of Les Rondalles Valencianes by the author Enric Valor, serving as the focal point of this show. Valor began writing in 1950 after censorship banned his novel La ambició d’Aleix for moral reasons, and he collected stories from oral tradition in the rural regions of the Valencian Country following a suggestion from the writer Manuel Sanchis Guarner.

Les Rondalles Valencianes is a mosaic of fascinating tales, brimming with wonderful stories, magical settings, and characters that can transport us to other times and places. These stories not only captivate and entertain but also allow us to learn about different ways of life, periods, and cultures. This work is an excellent representation of Valencian popular culture, with meticulously crafted language and style.

Through the collaboration between Capella de Ministrers | Carles Magraner and the dance company TransferMove | Toni Aparisi, this show offers a new perspective on El príncep desmemoriat. By combining ancient music and children’s dance, the main aim is to bring the artistic expression of dance, ancient music, and literature closer to the younger audience.

Recommended for audiences from 6 to 12 years old