The Fundació Cultural CdM is a non-profit cultural organization founded in 2016, with foundation registration number 601V. Their donations are tax-deductible under the reform of the Law on Patronage (Law 46/2002)*.

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In order to benefit from the tax deductions of the new law on patronage, the entities to which the donation is made must be covered by Law 49/2002, on the tax regime for non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage.

Individuals: the first €250 given (as a whole or to a single entity) will be the basis on which 80% can be deducted for personal income tax purposes. On all other donations of €250 or more (regardless of whether they are to one or more entities), 40% will be deducted.
Legal entities: corporate tax deductions will be 40%.

Loyal patronage is encouraged: if in the previous two years, the donation is made to the same entity for at least the same amount, in the case of individuals, the deduction increases to 45% and 50% for legal entities.

The FCCdM recovers, researches, and preserves musical heritage, which is particularly vulnerable to the passage of time due to its immaterial condition. By supporting our work through donations, you help to protect our musical legacy, playing a fundamental role in maintaining a musical production of recognized international prestige, developing social and educational actions, and promoting commitment to our heritage to consolidate the value of early music in our society.

If you are resident in Spain, you can make the donation via bank transfer to our bank account.

CAIXA POPULAR: ES50 3159 0067 3625 6683 2727
To Fundació Cultural CdM

Once the transfer has been made, please send us the transfer receipt In this way, we will send you the donation certificate for subsequent tax deductions.

If you need more information, you can contact us through the following email: