In memoriam

Every year thousands of people enjoy the concerts of Capella de Ministrers and its meticulous recording production. Lovers of early music and art, whose unconditional support shows an enormous sensitivity towards their cultural heritage.

We want to bring early music to more people, and we are determined to continue our work so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. If you wish to support us in the long term, you may consider including a donation in your will that will make this possible:

  • The recovery and protection of our cultural heritage
  • The expansion of our social and pedagogical programme
  • Organological and technical improvements
  • Building new bridges between musicological research centers and professional musicians.

Posthumous donations are treated with strict confidentiality. Please write to the person in charge at and we will provide you with the details you need.

If you would like to know in detail about the tax benefits in force, download the pdf issued by the Culture and Patronage Unit via this link.