Capella de Ministrers

Capella de Ministrers


Since 1987 Capella de Ministrers has developed an important investigative and musicological task in favour of the musical Spanish heritage, from the medieval times to the 18th century.
During this 30 years of uninterrupted presence in the national and international scene, the project has recovered and promoted our closest musical legacy -that is specially related to the ancient Crown of Aragon- and has developed a fundamental and important activity towards our historical music heritage, promoting the real sense of the historic recovery and cultural industry.
If something characterizes Carles Magraner is being a sincere musician. A musician that throughout this 30 years as head of Capella de Ministrers has evolved simultaneously to Early Music interpretation, eager at first to recreate the sound of the past, and convinced nowadays of the fact that music, whatever the era, is an open field to experimentation that allows multiple interpretations not neglecting the rigour and sensibility towards the sources at all.
Interpretations that draw from the artist's context itself, from his rooting on the present and the need of communicating with the audience with a not always easy repertoire.
Carles Magraner's main concern is breathing life and veracity to the repertoire he performs. Starting from the materials of the past, his proposal is to present them as objects of a constantly refurbished museum, trying to make our senses, and particularly our ears, pay attention to specific aspects of the original sound object so that they can keep captivating the attention as it used to.


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