La dama i l’unicorn

La dama i l’unicorn is a multi-sensory show for families and children that brings us closer to medieval music and art through the interpretation of 15th century Flemish tapestries considered to be one of the great works of medieval art in Europe. Preserved since 1882 in the Musée de Cluny in Paris, they are woven in wool and silk and their iconography has been interpreted as representing the five senses – sight, hearing, smell, and touch – concluding in a sixth that shows the words À mon seul désir (“by my only wish”). They all depict a noble lady and a unicorn, sometimes accompanied by other animals.

Inspired by the beauty of the tapestry, this show is born in which the characters acquire the ability to integrate with the audience. The spectators will meet the young protagonist, Paula, a rebellious teenager who, as if by magic, appears inside the tapestry. Two lovers, the lady and the unicorn, will be in charge of guiding her on an unexpected journey through the senses where they will have to decipher the meaning of the sixth tapestry.

Under the musical direction of Carles Magraner and the stage direction of Toni Aparisi, the medieval music group Capella de Ministrers and the dance company TransferMove bring to life the original texts of the writer Mercé Viana, combining dance, music, literature, and history.


Laia Blasco, Dama
Toni Aparisi, Unicorn
Carmen Comes, Paula
Carla Coves, Dog
Alba Galdón, Monkey
Sonia Murillo, Lion
Laia Blasco, soprano
Carles Magraner, viola
Robert Cases, lute and harp

Recommended for audiences aged 9-13 years