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Lucretia Borgia

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The Fundació Cultural CdM has participated in the production of the audiovisual presentation of Lucretia Borgia, between history, myth, and legend, the latest discographic work by Capella de Ministrers in close collaboration with the Valencian Tourism Agency GVA.

A musical tribute to Lucrezia Borgia (1480 – 1519), daughter of Alexander VI, thrice married, with a murdered husband and an illegitimate son, all in just thirty-nine years and in the midst of the Renaissance. The work is based on the contemporary music of Lucrezia and portrays her humanity, as Dario Fo says, attempting to free her from the cliché of a dissolute and incestuous woman, immersing her in the historical context and the daily life of her time. In this way, the concert allows the audience to experience firsthand the fascination of the Italian Renaissance courts. The birth of Lucrezia in Rome in 1480, the fall of Granada, marriages to Giovanni Sforza, Alfonso I of Este, and Alfonso of Aragon, relationships with Pietro Bembo, Isabella, and the court of Ferrara, and musicians like Bartolomeo Tromboncino or Joan Ambrosi Dalça All led to her retreat into devotion and death in 1519.

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