MACA International Congress

MACA International Congress

3/5 JUNE 2021

The musical heritage of the Crown of Aragon



The first International Congress on the musical heritage of the Crown of Aragon, held in Valencia in 2019, was a pioneering initiative in approaching the musical history shared by the territories that were part of this political and cultural entity until the 18th century. Its objectives went beyond the pure musicological debate, since it encouraged reflecting on the ways that are useful now to transmit the knowledge from the academic field to society. Ultimately, it was about establishing a dialogue between the various agents that are part of the integral process of acquisition and transfer of knowledge, such as musicologists, historians, pedagogues, interpreters or communicators. The satisfactory results of this meeting have encouraged the organization of a second edition that continues to deepen this path.

After completing a general recapitulation of the state of the research in this edition, recent advances in the research on court patronage will be presented through ten presentations. The first one will be dedicated monographically to Jaime I and his time and the second one to a selection of courtly contexts for music between the 15th century and the beginning of the 18th century at several territories of the Crown. There will also be two sessions dedicated to various aspects around the transfer of knowledge, education and promotion with lectures, round tables and other activities such as concerts, guided visits and the presentation of a book. Likewise, the congress is open to the presentation of free topic communications for researchers who wish to publicly show the latest research results in the space-time field of the ancient Crown of Aragon. Directed by: Rosa Isusi-Fagoaga and Francesc Villanueva Serrano Organized by: Associació Cultural Comes and Fundació Cultural CdM.





The Crown of Aragon has been traditionally studied as a politic and cultural entity. However, according to the organisers of the congress, the exploration of connections and divergences in the musical field in particular in the different territories that conformed the kingdom is a pending work in a global and updated study. Can we talk about a musical heritage as an entity of its own inside of this geographical area? This is the question that researchers ask. If so, which were their characteristics and how did they changed over time? What is our impression nowadays?

This year the Generalitat Valenciana celebrates its 600 anniversary as a permanent institution of the Kingdom of Valencia by the king Alfonso the Magnanimous in 1418. This establishment had place only a quarter of century before the maximum territorial expansion of the Crown, with the conquest of the Kingdom of Napoles in 1442. The organisers of the congress consider that this is a good occasion to take stock about the knowledge improvements and to reflect about the new challenges that the research poses about the musical culture in the common frame of the Crown of Aragon using a travel through time between the beginning of this historic institution and its suppression in 1707, along with the legal personality of the kingdom of Valencia and with the Crown itself.

In addition to the research, explains Professor Rosa Isusi-Fagoaga, co-director of the meeting ‘from the higher education we have to attend other duties of the university as for example the transfer of knowledge, the teaching and its social dissemination. Therefore, the congress includes sessions which connect said features with innovation, which is essential to adapt the academic world to the changes that our society suffers and to give an answer to the new challenges that appear.’. 

The international congress about musical heritage of the Crown of Aragon, according to the other director of this meeting, Frances Villanueva, aims to go further in the reduction of these empty spaces through four specific sessions. The meeting, which has been organised by the ‘Associació Cultural COMES’ and the ‘Fundació Cultural CdM’, counts with the collaboration of the ‘Instituto de Creatividad e Innovaciones Educativas de la Universitat de València’, among other institutions.

Proceedings of the I International Congress: El patrimoni musical de la Corona d'Aragó 


Rosa Isusi-Fagoaga Francesc and Villanueva Serrano

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Associació Cultural Comes and Fundació Cultural CdM

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