El Bufo de la Reina

El Bufó de la Reina

The traditional superstition that hunchbacks or deformed individuals bring good luck is vividly reflected in the fact that the jester of Queen Germana de Foix was one, and in European courts, the hunchback is an object of hilarity but also protection: “The happiest death is that of the hunchback because, inside the box, he dances.”

Canon Ester is a character from Luys Milà’s “El Cortesano,” a hunchbacked, comedic figure who enjoys the freedoms of a jester, much like characters from Greek fables or Puccinella in Italy. El Bufón de la Reina is a spectacle of critical and satirical nature, combining Renaissance music with contemporary dance.

A musical tragicomedy from the 16th century based on a text by Vicent Josep Escartí.

Toni Aparisi, jester
Carles Magraner, viola da gamba
Robert Cases, Renaissance guitar