Board of Trustees and councils

Board of Trustees and councils

Carles Magraner
Francisco José Magraner
Board members
Ximo Corts
Antonio Enrique Magraner Duart
Mariano Moret
Francisco de Paula Pons
María Teresa Estreder Martínez


Kiko Silla
Director Manager
Ximo Corts
Foundation Secretary




Rafael Alemany

Medieval Literature professor
at Universidad de Alicante

Antoni Furió

Medieval History professor
at Universitat de València

Francisco Gimeno

Historiographical Science and Techniques
professor (Palaeography and Diplomatic)
at Universitat de València

Mari Carmen Gómez Muntané

Musicology professor
at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Josep Francesc Massip

Medieval Theater History professor
at Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Eduard Mira

Teacher at Alicante, Cambridge and London
Universities, and at College of Europe in Brussels.
Former director of Instituto Cervantes of Napoli
and Brussels. 
Former member of Cultural
Heritage Forum - Commission expert group
at European Council

Álvaro Zaldívar

Aesthetic and Music History Professor
at Conservatorio Superior de Murcia.

Director of the Musicology
and Artistic Research Department
David Antich
Musician. Teacher at Conservatori de Torrent

Frederic Aparisi

Harca Group. Universitat Cardenal Herrera

Antonio Ariño

Sociology professor at the
Social Sciences School
of Universitat de València

Pau Ballester

Musician. Percussion professor
at Conservatori Superior de València

Rafael Beltran

Spanish Literature professor
at Universitat de València

Eduardo Carrero

Head teacher of Medieval Art History
at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Evarist Caselles

History graduate

Robert Cases

Musician. Coordinator of
Músics per la Salut" project

Manuela Cortés

Head teacher at Universidad de Granada,
Faculty of Philosophy and Literature.

Member of the Andalusian History Academy
and the Heritage Researchers and Experts Network

Vicent Josep Escartí

Professor at Catalan Philology department
of Universitat de València

Antonio Ezquerro

Scientific researcher at CSIC. President
of RISM-Spain (Répertoire International
des Sources Musicales). 
Director of 
Musical (CSIC's Musicology Magazine).

Established research group - Music and Heritage

in the Crown of Aragon (16th - 19th centuries)

Antonio Andrés Ferrandis

Organist and Delegate for Pastoral Services
at Valencia Cathedral

María Teresa Ferrer

Codirector and coordinator of
the University Masters Degree
on Performance and Musical Research of VIU

Domingo García Cañedo

Director of the Institut Cervantes de Lyon

Juan Vicente García-Marsilla

Head teacher of Medieval Art History
at Universitat de València

Rosa Isusi

Didactic on Musical, Plastic and Corporal
xpression teacher
at Universitat de València

Ignasi Jordà

Musician. Professor at
Conservatori Superior de Castelló

Emilio Mencheta

Actor. Head of productions at "The Playroom"

Víctor Manuel Mínguez Cornelles

Art History professor
at the History, Geography and Art Department
of the Universitat Jaume I. Main researcher

of the Iconography and Art History (IHA) 

Germán Navarro Espinach

Medieval History professor at Univeridad de Zaragoza.
Director of Aragón Magazine

Established Medieval research group CEMA

Antoni Pizà

Director of Fundació per a la Música Ibèrica.
Member of City College of New York -
Graduate Center

Paco Taberner Pastor

Teacher at the Urbanism Department
of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV).

Academic member of the San Carles
Fine Arts Royal Academy

Abel Puig

President of the Valencian
Musicology Association (AVAMUS)

Jordi Reig

Teacher at Conservatori Superior de València.
Coordinator of the Traditional Valencian Music
Sound File, Material library

Luisa Tolosa

Audiovisual Communication teacher,
Documentation and Art History Department of UPV

Manuel Tomás

Musician. Teacher at Conservatori de Torrent

Francesc Villanueva

Researcher. Universitat de València