The Mesa of Participation of the Valencian Culture is a forum of diàleg obert between the Autonomous Secretariat of Culture and Sports with different cultural agents of the Valencian civil society. The scope of participation and governance of different valuable cultural and creative sectors will be determined through procedures and contributions to standards and norms that can be applied to the administration. Neix tanmateix to consolidate the development of the Codi de Bones Practices in the Valencian Culture in this new stage in the cultural policy and implementation of the cultural sectors, així com for donating als str of the Strategic Cultural.

The mission is part of the Autonomous Secretariat of Culture and Sports, as well as the different Commissions and Presidents and Organisms, as well as the different Directing Responsibilities.

Fundació Cultural CdM is part of the segurents commissions:

  • Music and Popular Culture
  • Educació i Cultura
  • Patrimoni, Museus i Arts Visuals