Nadal Renaixentista CdM

Nadal en valencià

Fundació Cultural CdM presents the second edition of the cycle Nadal en Valencià in the Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes 2021, which combines cultural and artistic quality of the presence of Capella de Ministrers as the backbone. The musical trajectory of Capella de Ministrers for nearly 35 years has been presented in this edition with a series of Valencian repertoire in a single space such as the Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes, a jewel of the Valencian Renaissance architecture and emblem of our golden century, which has witnessed the passage of rime. 

The concert cycle Nadal en valencià is organized within Festival MHA alongside Associació Cultural Comes.



Monday 27th December at 19:30
Church of the Monastery San Miguel de los Reyes


Delia Agúndez, Carles Magraner & Robert Cases

Villancets of the Court of the Duke of Calabria and the Cant de la Sibil·la to «The Day of Judgement»

The Christian liturgical year revolves around two celebrations of a contrasting character: the Nativity of Christ, symbol of peace and joy, and his Passion, death and resurrection which are celebrated in Holy Week, in the background of which all the drama and uncertainty of life are revealed. Reason of inspiration for an infinity of artists, some of the best pages of the History of Music sing Christmas or mourn the Passion and Death of Christ. Monumental works sush as «The Messiah» of Händel or «The Passion of San Mateo» of Juan Setastian Bach are familiar to any meloman, although others of a lesser size (not of lesser beauty) are still largerly unnoticed, as in the case of Christmas Carols of the Spanish Renaissance to whom Capella de Ministrers dedicated this concert.





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Tuesday 28th December at 19:30
Església del Monestir de Sant Miquel dels Reis
Capella de Ministrers – Carles Magraner

Andalusian music and texts by Arabic-Valencian poets

Orientalism is a polysemic term used both to designate Oriental studies (the study of the modern and historical civilizations, especially those of the Middle and Near East, and to a lesser extent those of the Far East), and to designate the presentation (imitation of mystification) of determining aspects of occidental cultures in Occident by occidental writers, designers and artits, who eventually became stereotyped clichés. The Muslim Valencia met its greatest splendor iin the 11th century, during the reign of Abd al-Aziz, lord of the Valencian Taifa, grandson of Almanzor and around this orientalist image and the Muslin splendor of Valencia created a multidisciplinary show with Andalusian music and Arabic-Valencians poets. 






Evaristo Paya 1



Wednesday 29th December at 19:30
Església del Monestir de Sant Miquel dels Reis
Ensemble La Rondalla

Christmas and traditional songs

If there is a pointed date at the end of the year that our culture indentifies with joy, brotherhood and peace, this is Christmas. A time to meet the family, to rejoin friends and people you know, and often also to take part in long debates after dinner. The saying already says, «every sheep in its corral».  In this unmistakable framwrok of bonhomia that wraps everyone in it is also tradicional that to the people who are most inclined to use the voice, they are encouraged to squeeze the vocal strings and deelect those present with some Christmas songs. With this title, a series of Christmas songs are associated with our tradition, as the Valncian bands of Enric Valor feature direct musical references of a varied nature, as well as many declaimed materials, or that may be intonating as canteens suchs as prayers, conjurs, sentences, litany, invocations, greetings and spells. The incorporation of musical references is part of the narrative, and the music is shown musically illustration some of his stories.