The Mesa de Participación de la Cultura Valenciana (Forum for Valencian Culture Participation) is an open forum involving the Autonomous Secretariat of Culture and Sports and various cultural entities within Valencian civil society. The level of participation and governance in diverse valuable cultural and creative sectors will be determined through procedures and contributions to standards and norms applicable to the administration. Its establishment is aimed at consolidating the development of the Code of Good Practices in Valencian Culture during this new stage of cultural policy and implementation of cultural sectors, as well as contributing to the Strategic Cultural Plan.

The mission falls under the purview of the Autonomous Secretariat of Culture and Sports, along with different commissions, presidents, and organizations, as well as various managerial responsibilities. Fundació Cultural CdM is associated with the following commissions:

  • Music and Popular Culture
  • Culture and Education
  • Heritage, Museums, and Visual Arts