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CdM Academy

Capella de Ministrers focuses its pedagogical dimension with the CdM Academy of early music aimed at young performers and students for their experience and integration in the professional world. The CdM Academy is a workshop in residence in the line of experimentation around the new proposals of reinterpretation of music from the past with historical criteria (Historically Informed Perfomance_HIP). The course tackles the kind of work on music used in the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods where participants are allowed to discover and develop tasks related to musical performance such as the staging, the attitude of the musician in the concert, improvisation , the measurement, the ornamentation, the organology, the fictional music, the counterpoint, etc. With the CdM Academy the musical reinterpretation combines praxis, musicological and ethnomusicological criteria recreated on the basis of European practical and theoretical-documentary sources from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. The activity has a totally practical side with an innovative pedagogical result, since it stands out from the academicism established in the current musical teachings and aims to provide new musical experiences to all participants to facilitate access to the professional world.

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