El Llibre de les Bèsties

El Llibre de les Bèsties  is a brief tale inside Ramon Llull’s Book of Meravalles, in which a serious reflection is made of the policy in the form of fables where the animal characters are an excuse to portray some of the most tedious facets of the human condition. The subject tells us that Felix is on his journey when a few friars explain that nearby there is a large meeting of animals, gathered to elect a king. The lion wins the vote and since it does not include the fox in his court, he tries to ascend to power through deceit and fear. 

Lull gives us an account of the vices and virtues of society of its time. The men, however, of all ages are similar and the moral lesson that they learn from the work could be extrapolated to the present time. It is narrated in contemporary Valencian and accompanying the atmosphere of the medieval instrumental repertoire.

This artistic proposal on El Llibre de les Bèsties by Capella de Ministrers brings us closer to the medieval music related to the figure of Ramón Lull and his work with a proposal specially designed for the younger audience. The production combines dance, music, literature and history, elements of this proposal by the music ensemble Capella de Ministrers. The dramatized concert relies on a musical structure reinforced with a staging with five dancers and several actors.


Didactic material


5 actors / dancers
Toni Aparisi Company 

Capella de Ministrers
4 musicians

Script by Vicent Josep Escartí based on El Llibre de les Meravelles by Ramon Llull